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About Egypt


Government : Republic
Population Density : 90 per sq Km (2000)
Capital : Cairo(Al Qahira)
Area : 1,002,000 sq Km (386,874 sq miles)
Head of State : President Muhammad Morsi Since 2012
Head of Government : Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif


Egypt is bounded to the north by the Mediterranean, to the south by the Sudan to the west by Libya, and to the east by the Red Sea and Israel. The River Nile divides the country unevenly in two, while the Suez Canal provides a third division with the Sinai Peninsula. Beyond the highly cultivated Nile Valley and Delta the landscape is mainly flat desert, devoid of vegetation apart from the few oases that have persisted in the once fertile depressions of the Western Desert. The coasts of the Red Sea have fine beaches and the coral reefs just offshore attract many divers. The High Dam at Aswan now controls the annual floods that once put much of the Nile Valley under water.


The official language of Egypt is Arabic. A considerable percentage of the Egyptians command foreign languages, foremost among them are English and French. Italian and German are also spoken in restaurants, hotels and many shops.


The official religion is Islam. Over 85 % of the population follows Islam; the rest is Christian. All types of Christianity are represented, especially the Coptic Christian Church and approximately 6 million people are Christian Orthodox.


Egypt enjoys an ideally moderate climate, for the sun shines most of the year on average of eight hours daily. Although the climate of the desert areas of the country is hot, the Nile Valley retains its well-balanced moderate climate throughout the year.

Required Clothing

In summer, lightweight cottons, linens and comfortable shoes are recommended. Hats and sunglasses are advisable as protection from the sun, while warmer clothes are required for winter, autumn and cooler evenings.


All visitors to Egypt are required to have a visa and a passport valid for six months. All Egyptian consulates grant entry visa and passport authorities. Also at all entry ports, it is possible to grant visas on the spot.


On the many fine beaches along Egypt's Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts there are plenty of good opportunities for swimming. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular organized activities in Egypt, and the Red Sea is said to have some of the scuba diving in the world. Camel and jeep safaris are also popular, either in the Western Desert with its fantastic sand landscapes or in the rugged, rocky surrounds of Sinai. The government is also promoting Egypt as a golfing destination.