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Egypt Hotels

Egypt Hotels
Cairo Hotels
Executive Travel offers you a variety of hotels in Cairo to enjoy your stay in this city where you can enjoy the Sightseeing of Pharaohs, see the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, enjoy the scene of the Nile and introduce their civilization.
Alexandria Hotels
Enjoy your stay in Alexandria through the variety hotels which we offer. In Alexandria you can enjoy watching a numerous beaches, the sun set over the Cornich and waterfront attraction stretch along the Coast and more…
Aswan Hotels
Through the hotels we offer you can enjoy your stay in Aswan where you can enjoy the sunniest southern city and ancient frontier town in Upper Egypt. Enjoy walking around and gracing with the most beautiful setting on the Nile, the pace of life and relaxing.
Dahab Hotels
Executive Travel will give you the chance to choice your hotel and enjoy your stay in Dahab which one of the most beautiful beaches in all Sinai because of its gleaming sand, clear waters and colorful marine life. Its name is means gold according to the yellow sand. In Dahab you will enjoy the nearby Canyons, Mount of Sinai, St. Catherine's Monastery and more…
Sharm el Sheikh Hotels
Choice the luxury hotel for the luxury route Sharm El Sheikh, the simplicity of Sun, sea, sand, water sports like snorkeling, diving, windsurfing and other, enjoy horses and camel riding, desert safaris, shopping and great nearby antiquities attractions. It is one of the most accessible and developed tourist resort communities on the Sinai Peninsula.
Hurghada Hotels
with Executive Travel you will enjoy your stay in Hurghada through choice one of the our hotel which will meet your desires. Enjoy Hurghada which it becomes the foremost tourist resort of the Red Sea Coast and international center for aquatic sports, the warm water is ideal for many verities of rare fish and coral reef.
Marsa Alam Hotels
Choice your hotel and enjoy your stay in Marsa Alam, which is situated near the tropic of Cancer where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea. It packed captivating nature beauty and exotic tourist attractions. Marsa Alam is the tropical paradise with its palm trees, mangroves and sea coast fringed with barrier coral reefs.
Luxor Hotels
Choice the hotel which meet your desirers through the hotels we offer in Luxor, the World greatest open air museum, it contains nearly one third of the world's antiquities, it reflects the greatness of the Ancient Egyptians and their civilization that dates back to seven thousands years ago.
Oasis Hotels
Enjoy your stay through reserve your hotel with us, enjoy the scene of the sun, sand dunes, hills and mountains. The Oasis is your way for relaxing, it is a wonderful place where you can swim in hot springs and eat olives, live in natural in Egypt Oasis.