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Nile Cruises

Nile Cruises
Amarco Nile Cruise
Imagine cruising the fabled Nile in ultimate luxury... Rockefeller did it. Mark Twain did it. More recently, former First Lady Barbara Bush and pop music legend Lionel Richie did it: cruise Egypts timeless Nile in luxury.
Oberoi Nile Cruise
The Oberoi Philae - Nile Cruiser, offers guests a cruise on the Nile along the landmarks of an ancient civilization. The journey begins in Luxor or Aswan and courses through Pharaonic dynasties that span thousands of years. Elegant interiors with teak paneling, parquet floors, European antiques and Oriental carpets create an ambience of luxury.
Sonesta Moon Goddess
There are many cruise ships traversing the Nile, and some serve as a floating hotel when they are in port. The M/S Sonesta Moon Goddess Nile Cruise Hotel Luxor offers a luxury accommodation and will dock on the East Bank in Luxor .
Sonesta Nile Goddess
Many travelers enjoy a Nile cruise while touring Egypt, and these ships often serve as a hotel while in a port of call. The M/S Sonesta Nile Goddess Nile Cruise Hotel Luxor is a luxury accommodation in Luxor for those aboard, and will place the traveler within very easy walking distance of major sites and attractions.
Sonesta Star Goddess
There are some travelers who enjoy their entire visit to Egypt aboard a cruise ship which serves as a floating hotel. The M/S Sonesta Star Goddess Nile Cruise Hotel Luxor is one such ship, and it will stop along the East Bank of Luxor where visitors can enjoy touring the Luxor and Karnak Temple complex, Luxor Museum, and the Museum of Mummification.
Sonesta Sun Goddess
The M/S Sonesta Sun Goddess Nile Cruise Hotel Luxor is a floating accommodation in Luxor . This means it is aboard a very opulent cruise ship that will stop on the East Bank and allow travelers direct access to sites like the Luxor and Karnak Temple complex, Luxor Museum, the marketplace, and the Museum of Mummification as well.