Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Egypt

Looking to travel to a new place? Why not consider an upcoming vacation in Egypt? It’s one of the oldest and most historic countries on Earth. Monuments such as the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the temples at Karnak are just some of the amazing sights you can see if you visit. If you’re thinking about getting away to this beautiful country soon, this article will help get you prepared. This piece covers all bases from practical information on when and how to book cheap flights to a shortlist of hotels that won’t break your bank. With so much information available online, planning a vacation can feel overwhelming. This helpful travel guide has everything you need to know before visiting Egypt!

Who Can Visit Egypt?

Anyone can visit Egypt. Citizens of the United States need a visa to enter the country, but all other nationalities can travel to the country visa-free. In other words, there are no restrictions on who can visit Egypt. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. As one of the most historic cities in the world, Cairo is incredibly crowded. During the summer, temperatures can approach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is high. As such, it’s not the best place to visit during the summer months. In addition, there are regions of the country that are unstable. You can research this using a site like the State Department’s travel warnings page. Keep in mind, however, that information on this page is often changing. When planning your trip, be sure to check the page at least a week before you leave.

When is the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

There are a few different times of year to visit Egypt. The country is famous for its warm weather, so you can visit any time between October and May. Although the weather is warm, it’s worth noting that it’s slightly cooler from March to May. This is because the country is in a different phase of the annual cycle of precipitation. It also happens to be when the weather is slightly drier. If you want to avoid the summer crowds, visit between October and February. It’s also worth visiting during this time if you’re hoping to see the wildflowers. From March to May, the flowers are in bloom, making it a beautiful time to visit.

Things to Know Before Visiting Egypt

First, it’s important to note that you should be careful with your valuables while visiting Egypt. Pickpockets and scammers are common, especially in crowded areas and tourist attractions. Keep your money and passport in a money belt or hidden pocket to avoid being targeted. In terms of what to do, there are a few activities worth considering. First, visiting the pyramids is a must. To get a true sense of what it was like to be a pharaoh, try climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza. Pick a warm day, though, since the climb can be grueling and you won’t want to do it on a hot and humid day. Another great activity is going to the Cairo Tower. At over 800 feet high, it’s one of the tallest towers in the Middle East. The views from the top are truly spectacular. You can also visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It houses one of the most impressive collections of artifacts in the world.

Currency in Egypt

Egypt uses the Egyptian Pound as its currency. The exchange rate is approximately 0.001796 USD per Egyptian Pound. That said, many tourists prefer to use a credit card. There are also ATMs in all major cities that dispense cash. If you do decide to exchange money, you should visit a bank or exchange center. Avoid the touts and other people who approach you on the street. They often charge higher rates and may even be scammers.

Hotels in Egypt

While you can find plenty of hostels, they’re not ideal for everyone. If you want more privacy, hotels are a better bet. There are plenty of cheap hotels in Egypt. The trick is finding one that’s safe and clean. Before booking a hotel, search for online reviews. TripAdvisor and similar sites are great for this. You can find reviews from both guests and people who’ve visited the hotel but weren’t staying there. If you don’t find many reviews for a hotel, it might be worth investigating before booking. If there are no reviews, that could be a red flag. If you visit during the summer, it’s especially important to stay away from hotels along the Nile. Many of these facilities use old, outdated cooling systems. They’re not very efficient and often don’t have proper ventilation. During the summer, the inside of these hotels can be unbearable.

Where to Stay in Cairo

If you want to stay in the center of Cairo, you should visit either the Downtown or Zamalek districts. Both are close to attractions and have a wide variety of hotels and hostels. If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Cairo, these are good options. If you’d like to stay in a quieter area, you can visit either the Giza or Heliopolis districts. Both are located outside of the city center, but they’re still close to plenty of attractions. If you’d like to stay somewhere with a beach or a view, you can visit either the Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada districts. These two areas are both near the Red Sea and offer spectacular views. They’re also much more expensive than in other parts of Cairo.

Bottom Line

Egypt is a fascinating country that has a lot to offer tourists. You can visit the pyramids, see the Sphinx, and explore the temples at Karnak. You can also see the Great Wall of China or the Colosseum in Rome if you're looking to travel a bit closer to home. Before visiting Egypt, make sure you know who can travel there and when the best time to visit is. You should also know what to expect when visiting this beautiful country and know a bit about the currency, hotels, and where to stay in Cairo. With this travel guide, you'll be well prepared for an upcoming trip to Egypt!