M. I. C. E.


Conventions and meetings bring people together for a single goal, and the Executive Travel team works to ensure that this goal is accomplished. We plan all aspects of meetings and conventions, including the speakers, the venue, the printed materials, and the audio-visual equipment.

Executives Travel feels that figuring out the goal, message, or impression that the sponsoring organization wants to convey is the first stage in preparing a meeting or convention. we pay more attention to how meetings affect their organizations' goals.

Executive supporters all the travel services, such as:

  • Hotel reservations 
  • Meeting Location Amusements 
  • Food and Drinks 
  • Visual audio services



A significant percentage of Our business activity is Incentive and Special Interest Groups. Due to this, this department's specialized efforts are focused on fulfilling the demands of these two categories of organizations.

The department has the capacity to provide distinctive, effectively managed, and reasonably priced programs for Incentive and Special Interest Groups by drawing on the resources of the company as a whole.

Business incentive programs recognize and reward ambitious, talented people for their work. We particularly enjoy developing programs that are specific to these individuals' interests and preferences. With the wide range of alternatives provided by our natural resources and associated recreational activities, we give the Client creative theme and program options. The best welcomes, efficient program execution, and related events held in beautiful surroundings ensure the success of incentive group trips organized by Executive Travel.

We organize a variety of receptions, lunches, and gala dinners from A to Z, either as part of an incentive program or separately; we start by suggesting the location, coming up with a theme, selecting the décor and table setup, and go all the way up to providing 5-star food catering, entertainment, and putting together all necessary branding and giveaways. We also organize a variety of team-building exercises.


We understand the convention that is very important in business to exchange Experience and information distribution in stakeholders. Moreover, conferences will give visitors or audiences chances to know, learn, and exchange, points of view with each other; that is to improve, modify, or adjust any plans as they wish. Furthermore, extra activities would be presented as you desire. We will carefully prepare everything neatly to ensure that every moment of the conference and activities will be running smoothly.

Exhibitions or Events 

Exhibitions are the most crucial occasion for showcasing your goods and services, and they must be planned to highlight the distinctiveness of your business or line of goods. Executive Travel will be a key component of the remarkable events you prepare, and your audiences will notice the enthusiasm and energy you put into them. We'll have them ready, work with your needs, ideas, and input to produce them, then present them to the attendees.





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