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Who we are:

Executive travel is a 100% Egyptian-owned company established in 1997 with an unrivaled experience in management stretching back well over 25 years. Executive travel has experience in the field of travel & hospitality. We have put together lots of facts and travel tips about traveling to the world. We set the highest possible standard for everything around the world.


Why choose us?

Save money & Time

        Because we are based in Egypt we will be the first hand to provide a proper service and show you the wonders of Egypt better than others. We will provide you with the excellent value of money, safe and responsible travel and the best possible customer service to ensure that you take home memories and experiences that will last a lifetime and have you dreaming of your next holiday.



      We deliver quality at the most affordable price – we give our commitment to combining theright elements to provide tours with the right degree of relaxation, adventure, and imaginative activities but above all we want you to have fun! It's fun for your valued clients and we take the holiday business seriously by paying strict attention to detail so your clients get the maximum out of their vacation.


Our Staff!

Our friendly and attentive staff will always be in contact with you, we know from experience that a vacation is one of the most important events in life, and keep in mind that no one can show you firsthand experience better than the people who live and work in this ancient country, providing you all the means of comfort and information so that you can experience more relaxing time during your Stay up to the day of departure.


All of our Guests are VIPs! 

We provide VIP treatment for all of our guests. We adhere to the highest standards of professional services and support. Our aim is to deliver to every customer, every time through outstanding personalized service! Our travel consultants will be with you from the very first e-mail to the moment your clients return home. We are dedicated to meeting the client's wishes and from customer feedback are continuously evaluating how we can enhance our service.

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